Custom kitchen renovation: what are the steps to follow?

Planning the renovation of a new kitchen is essential because it is a project whose design must mold to your tastes and your needs for a custom kitchen. Also, planning allows you to have realistic expectations based on your budget and can reduce the risk of unforeseen events during the renovation. For the inevitable unforeseen, it is important to anticipate kitchen renovation Singapore a cushion of about 30% of the cost of renovations of the kitchen so as not to be caught off guard.

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Why plan the layout of my new custom kitchen?

What are the elements to plan?

  • To maximize the space and efficiency of your kitchen, consider several factors that will influence the ergonomics and design of the kitchen:
  • Who uses the kitchen? The number of kitchen users influences the need for workspace. Also, it will be necessary to consider the particular needs of each one (reduced mobility, small people, young budding cooks, etc.)
  • What are your habits? Many receptions? kitchen renovation Singapore Intimate dinners? Potlucks? Meal on the go … The concept of cooking must be functional for you.
  • What are your cooking utensils? Specialist in bakery, grill or other? This influences the need for storage space in kitchen cabinets, countertop surfacing, etc.
  • What is your budget for the layout of your kitchen? The budget must be budgeted for all elements; from plumbing and electricity to decoration for finishing.
  • How is the environment of my kitchen? Is he well lit? Do I have enough power outlets? Is it a restricted space? Etc.