Get to know the aircon servicing Singapore

When you have not used your air conditioner for many months, it is logical before you run it full blast come 25, that it may require a little TLC. Learn how air conditioning contractors can assist you once the warm weather arrives, so that your AC is in tip-top shape. Air conditioners are Inventions that enable us to live in the warmest months of this year. However, they are still machines, magical these components may seem, and they ought to be cared for so that they function. When you have not used your AC you might want to give some attention to it before you demand it run blast come July or June. Before turning on your air conditioner this year, call up the local air conditioning company to perform any cleaning and maintenance in order to do not experience any problems down the road.


No matter what shape you believe that your air conditioner is in, it could probably use a good cleaning before you reduce the temperature on the thermostat this summer. Some of that you can do by yourself, likeĀ aircon servicing singapore ensuring that the area around your outside condenser unit is clear of debris such as tall grass, leaves, etc you can clean the condenser coil and the fins of any dust, dirt, or debris if you are feeling intrepid. You can do that by using a fin brush and coil cleaner to clean them and taking the unit off cover so as to get those components. You may wish to leave this job while you can do this solo. It is not rocket science, but the components are delicate and you will need to buy resources and cleaners to perform the work.

In the house Need to be certain that this unit is evaporator component is clean and ready to go. The evaporator is located above the furnace at the plenum. In certain air units, the evaporator is accessible. If that is the case, you should call a professional air conditioner service to see to it. Though and if you are feeling confident accessing it you can wash it if you are able to get to the evaporator. This entails removing the plenum cover and doing it in such a way which you could easily replace it when you are done and then removing the access panel so you can access to the evaporator and you want to wash the bottom of the evaporator using a brush wash out the tray you do not risk damaging your unit and getting in over your head if you feel unsure of how to do it, you need to contact a pro.